Caitlin Frost

A native of Texas, Caitlin relocated to South Boston in 2010, where she now resides with her husband and their multiple dead love ferns. In addition to her love of all things written, her list of likes include quoting TV shows (mostly The Office), dressing up in fancy hats, cooking elaborate meals while wearing frilly aprons, and pretending she's an amateur photographer. Though currently unpublished, Caitlin still considers herself a writer and aims to one day become rich and famous.

The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore [Review]

| Dec 5 | 0 Comments

the power of six pittacus lore book

With the risk of sounding like a tween hipster, “The Power of Six” book was awesome. It picks up right where “I Am Number Four” left off and is so fast paced it left me no time to catch my breath. John, Sam, and Six are still on the run and continually find themselves in the middle of trouble–either with the authorities or the Mogadorians–despite […]


THE SOLDIER’S WIFE by Margaret Leroy [Review]

| Dec 1 | 0 Comments

the soldiers wife book cover

It’s the middle of World War II on a small island in France during the occupation and while her husband is away fighting, Vivienne de la Mare works hard to keep her family surviving when a group of German soldiers moves in next door. Soon, Vivienne finds herself caught up in an affair with one of the soldiers, and when she meets a Russian prisoner […]


BETWEEN By Jessica Warman [Review]

| Nov 9 | 0 Comments

This might be a spoiler, but BETWEEN is about a dead girl. And I don’t really feel like it’s a big deal to reveal that fact since we find out at the end of the first chapter. Liz Valchar dies on the night of her eighteenth birthday and spends the next few months navigating life in between two worlds–life and death–while trying to piece together […]


THE LEGACY by Katherine Webb [Review]

| Oct 19 | 0 Comments

the legacy us book cover

I’m a sucker for drama, especially involving a multi-generational family of women. THE LEGACY has everything you need for an enticing story: generational conflict, a historical time period setting, and the romance of a European countryside complete with a manor, lords, and ladies. It also doesn’t hurt that Webb writes so adroitly, it’s as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. Decades after […]


BAD MOON by Todd Ritter [Review]

| Oct 17 | 0 Comments

On the night of the first moon landing, Eric’s brother, Charlie, disappears. Whether it’s foul play or kidnapping, no one knows, and no one seems interested in the mystery of his disappearance until now. Eric’s mother dies and her dying request is that he will figure out what happened to his brother. Enlisting the help of an old girlfriend and current police chief Kat and […]


THE GAP YEAR by Sarah Bird [Review]

| Oct 12 | 1 Comment

It’s not often that a book makes me literally LOL, but after page two of The Gap Year I was rolling. The overprotective–though loving–and eccentric mother portrayed in those first few pages had me immediately hooked. It’s ironic, though, how much I laughed in those first couple pages because Bird’s novel isn’t comedy. Cam Lightsey is a single mother after her husband, Martin, left her […]


WILDEFIRE By Karsten Knight [Review]

| Sep 27 | 1 Comment

Wildefire Karsten Knight

WILDEFIRE is like Percy Jackson for girls. Well, it tries to be, anyway. It’s about Ashline Wilde, 16, who, after a series of terrible and tragic events–the most recent involving her psychotically deranged sister–is forced to move across the country to attend a boarding school where she ends up making friends with a group of reincarnated Norse gods. All completely unaware of their divinity, the […]


SLOPPY FIRSTS By Megan McCafferty [Review]

| Sep 26 | 0 Comments

sloppy firsts megan mccafferty

I first read SLOPPY FIRSTS in high school and when I heard that the series was finally finished, I decided to pick the book back up and start over again. Sloppy Firsts is the story of Jessica Darling, a junior at small-town high school in New Jersey, it chronicles her struggle to navigate life in a town she hates, at a school she hates, with […]


AWAKENINGS By Edward Lazellari [Did Not Finish]

| Sep 13 | 0 Comments

awakenings edward lazellari

I like unique plots, whether they involve vampires, werewolves, witches and wizards, or simply ordinary human beings doing ordinary things told in a unique way. At first glance, AWAKENINGS by Edward Lazellari seems to fit the bill. It tells the story of two men with seemingly different backgrounds who both have amnesia and cannot remember a thing about their previous lives. As it turns out, […]


KAT, INCORRIGIBLE By Stephanie Burgis [Review]

| Aug 24 | 0 Comments

Kat, Incorrigible by Stephanie Burgis

Set in 1803, KAT, INCORRIGIBLE is Jane Austen for little girls. It has all the charm that 19th century England had and all the elements of a Jane Austen novel–Lords and Ladies, balls, a rabble-rouser heroine, and the timeless conflict of marrying for love vs. money. And to make it even better, Burgis puts her own unique spin on it. Katherine Stephenson–Kat–is a feisty twelve-year-old […]