Caitlin Frost

A native of Texas, Caitlin relocated to South Boston in 2010, where she now resides with her husband and their multiple dead love ferns. In addition to her love of all things written, her list of likes include quoting TV shows (mostly The Office), dressing up in fancy hats, cooking elaborate meals while wearing frilly aprons, and pretending she's an amateur photographer. Though currently unpublished, Caitlin still considers herself a writer and aims to one day become rich and famous.

TINKERS By Paul Harding [Review]

| Aug 18 | 0 Comments

tinkers book

Paul Harding is like Cormac McCarthy and William H. Goyen rolled into one–he’s both poetic and charming at creating a gothic reminiscent narrative. He writes intelligently, with each word serving an essential purpose in how the plot moves forward; at 192 pages, there’s no room to be superfluous. It comes as no surprise that the novel won the Pulitzer Prize; it’s one of those books […]


HER MOTHER’S HOPE by Francine Rivers [Review]

| Aug 8 | 0 Comments

her mothers hope francine rivers book

I love a good love story. I also love family drama and strong women characters, and this book seemed to have all of it wrapped up in one. What could go wrong? HER MOTHER’S HOPE is a two part book about two generations of women—Marta and her daughter Hildemara—and deals with the missteps of each generation and the tumultuous relationship between a mother and her […]


WATER FOR ELEPHANS By Sara Gruen [Review]

| Aug 5 | 0 Comments

water for elephants book

Orphaned during the Great Depression, twenty-three year old Jacob Jankowski runs away from veterinarian training at Cornell to join the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth; a traveling circus. It’s there he falls in love with Marlena, a horse performer and wife of abusive animal trainer, August. The story is narrated by Jacob 70 years after his time on the circus, when he’s ninety-three […]



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the mysterious benedict society and the prisoners dilemma book cover

The Mysterious Benedict Society is back for another round of keeping the world safe from the evils of Mr. Curtain and his brainwashing machine, The Whisperer. In the third and final book of the series, THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY AND THE PRISONER’S DILEMMA, Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance are now being taken hostage by Mr. Curtain and his Ten Men—aptly named for the ten ways […]



| Aug 1 | 0 Comments

the mysterious benedict society and the perilous journey book cover

I normally don’t care for book series or trilogies. I figure if the first one is good, let’s not ruin it by writing multiples. But the characters in Stewart’s first book, The Mysterious Benedict Society (you can read our review here) were so cute and endearing that I went out and bought the second book the day after I finished the first. THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT […]


FAITHFUL PLACE By Tana French [Review]

| Jul 27 | 0 Comments

faithful place tana french book

What I love about Tana French is her ability to string together beautifully written sentences to create striking images and overlapping storylines to make me feel as if I was a part of the story and not just watching it unfold, and FAITHFUL PLACE does just that. The book opens with undercover detective Frank Mackey—first introduced in French’s second book, The Likeness — who must […]


Books That Have Changed My Life

| Jul 27 | 3 Comments

caitlin books changed life

I taught myself to read when I was three. I was sitting on my mother’s lap and she had drawn pictures of these stick figures with captions underneath explaining what these poorly drawn people were doing—like, “run” or “sit” or “stand”—and she made me figure out what the words said. Then she gave me a book her first grade class was reading from and made […]