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Exclusive Interview of The Hunger Games’ District 4 Tribute Tara Macken

Tara Macken

Our sister site Film Equals scored an interview with none other than Tara Macken, the District 4 Tribute in the film adaptation of the best selling book The Hunger Games. In the interview, Tara delves into the casting process, how she prepared for the role and her exposure to the Hunger Games phenomenon. Here is an excerpt of what she said: How did the opportunity […]


Goodbye Daemon’s Books, Hello Book Equals

book equals logo web

Hello everyone, You might have noticed something different about us today and no, we didn’t get a haircut. As of today, Daemon’s Books is now “Book Equals.” ( Wow, right? Now, you probably have a lot of questions about this change so we compiled a brief FAQ to answer your most pressing questions. Why are you changing your name? About a year ago, we started […]


Who Run The eBook World? Girls, Girls!

woman reading

While men are often viewed as more tech savvy and infatuated by the latest trends in technology, a recent Nielsen survey suggests that may not always be the case. A Nielsen survey conducted this summer showed that women have begun to dominate the eReader marketplace. The survey looked at tablet, eReader, and smartphone usage by women and compared 2010 data with data from this summer’s […]


Universal Studios Ends Production of WICKED LOVELY

wicked lovely book

Universal Studios is dumping yet another project from its production list, this time citing style differences. WICKED LOVELY has now become the second project cut by the studio after its high profile stoppage of “Ouija.” Wicked Lovely was an adaptation of a best-selling series of books by Melissa Marr set in a secret world of fairies. In the story, a young girl has the ability […]


Amazon Introduces The Kindle Daily Deal

kindle daily deal

With the prices for eBooks already much cheaper than most of their printed counterparts, it is difficult to imagine prices being any lower for some of the greatest titles. Amazon is out to show Kindle users that that is not necessarily true. Amazon recently launched a new program entitled Kindle Daily Deal. Under the program, one book is chosen each day to be the deal […]


Stephen King Jumping Back Into the eBook Game With MILE 81

Stephen King was writing eBooks before the internet was what it is today and before we even knew what eBooks were. Now, the master of terror and suspense is releasing a new eBook exclusive on September 1st. King’s latest internet exclusive title is Mile 81 and takes place at a rest stop on the Maine Turnpike. Those who purchase King’s short story, which has a […]


The CW is Looking For a DEADMAN With Eric Kripke’s Help

deadman dc

The CW network is preparing to adapt another DC Comic superhero into a network television series. The network has begun the development of “Deadman” for a TV series. Not your average superhero, “Deadman” follows Boston Brand as he inhabits the bodies of other individuals. Brand was murdered and his spirit remains behind to inhabit the bodies of others with the goal of helping them solve […]


Be Prepared, iPad 3 Reportedly in Development

Ipad 2

Apple Inc. has developed a reputation in the 21st century as being a major game changer in the tech field. Apple’s iPhone set the standard for smartphones and forever altered the cell phone industry. Their next leap forward came with the iPad, making tablets the new must have item. Apple just released a second generation iPad, the iPad 2 in early 2011 and it now […]


Biutiful Director Signed Up to Direct a Tale of Revenge


The latest feature film adaptation of a novel from Warner Bros now has a director attached. The film, entitled “The Revenant,” will be directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. Inarritu appears to be a perfect fit for this project as the director prefers character-driven, dark stories. “The Revenant” follows a fur trapper who is at death’s door after being mauled by a bear. The men from […]


“Sex and the City” Fans May Get Second Run with THE CARRIE DIARIES Adaptation


Fashion, sex, and relationships were the central theme of the popular former-HBO series “Sex and the City.” While Carrie and the ladies are now found only in reruns on regular cable networks, HBO is considering an adaptation of a series prequel. Author Candace Bushnell, who penned the original “Sex and the City” book, has also written a prequel series entitled “The Carrie Diaries.” Bushnell’s prequel […]