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Romeo and Juliet Reboot “When You Were Mine” May Hit Theaters before the Shelves

Keira Knightley

Audiences around the world are accustomed to good books quickly being turned and around and adapted for the big screen. A developing twist in this trend may finally see an adaptation hit theaters ahead of the book arriving on shelves. The classic story of star crossed lovers has recently been retold from a different angle by author Rebecca Serle in her upcoming book “When You […]


Amazon Kindle 3G Getting a Wider Retail Presence

Kindle 3G with Special Offers

The tech race that has gripped the United States during the first decade of the 21st century has often see companies fiercely guard their latest and greatest gadgets. Rather than offer their gadgets in as many places as possible, companies have worked hard to protect their exclusive distribution rights to ensure a strong profit stream. Amazon’s Kindle 3G has long been available in just a […]


THE HELP Lawsuit Not Over Yet

Author Kathryn Stockett may have to go back on the defensive as the housekeeper of a relative is seeking to have a lawsuit against the author reinstated in a Hinds County, Mississippi court. Ablene Cooper, who has worked as a housekeeper for the author’s brother, previously had her lawsuit dismissed because it was ruled the statute of limitations had expired. Cooper insists that Stockett used […]


Who Wants To Go To Hogwarts?

harry potter studio

The Harry Potter books have stopped coming, and the final feature film debuted across the world this summer, but Pottermania will not be subsiding anytime soon. Fans who haven’t gotten enough of all things Potter will be able to get a behind the scenes peak at the phenomenon at a new studio beginning next year. A new Harry Potter Studio Tour will be opening in […]


Renowned Composer Philip Glass to Pen a Memoir

Philip Glass

Philip Glass just signed a contract to pen his own memoir. The composer, who sacrificed his personal life for his music career, will no doubt have an interesting story to tell. Glass’ most notable contribution to music involves the works he created with instruments such as the sax, synth, flute, and organ. His work is considered a cornerstone of the Chillwave genre. Glass’ personal road […]


Religion Takes Center Stage in New Bieber Book

justin bieber religion

The first thought through most peoples’ minds when Justin Bieber is mentioned is his singing ability or boyish charm. The young singer’s abilities have been the focus of numerous interviews and written articles, but a new book coming out in September is taking a whole new look at Bieber. Far removed from the typical Biebermania, a new book entitled “Belieber! Faith, Fame, and the Heart […]


Jewish eBook Store Launched

jewish e-books

Online eBookstores seem to be a dime a dozen these days, with every company trying to get their slice of the eBook pie. While many like Apple, Google, and Amazon try to provide everything under the sun to potential customers, there is one bookstore that is going a very different route. The recently launched is perhaps the most specialized eBookstore out there with a […]


Patti Smith Working on JUST KIDS Screenplay With Gladiator Writer

just kids

Patti Smith can do it all. An award winning author and bonafide rock star, she is gearing up to work on the screenplay for “Just Kids.” Smith is teaming up with playwright John Logan to put together an adaptation of her memoir “Just Kids.” Smith’s book chronicles her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe as the two experienced the New York City music and arts scene. Logan’s […]


Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston to Go “Home Again”

home again cranston

For years Bryan Cranston was best known to many as the laughable father on “Malcolm in the Middle.” Times have changed for Cranston though, who now has a much larger profile courtesy of a hit television series Breaking Bad and upcoming high-profile movie roles. Cranston is going to have another go at writing and directing when he adapts the David Wiltse novel “Home Again” next […]


BookLamp: eBook Purchases Made Easy


There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find a new eBook for your digital reading device and struggling to narrow down your search parameters. The creators of BookLamp are hoping to end this frustration and make shopping for an eBook much easier. The idea behind BookLamp is not much different from Pandora’s music program. The program works by establishing a so-called “Book DNA” by […]