More Like Her By Liza Palmer [Review]

| May 10 | 0 Comments

more like her book

How often do we look at someone else and assume from their clothes, their job or their spouse that they must have it all? And how often do we wish that we could trade places with them, to live in their shoes for just one day? In Liza Palmer’s new book, More Like Her, the illusion of one such woman is shattered in the most […]


The Well of Stars by Michael J. Tresca [Review]

| Jan 16 | 1 Comment

Well of Stars1

One of my favorite things about science fiction and fantasy—one of those things that has those genres apart from many others—is the ability to poke fun at themselves with a good heart. The best writers of the genre will embark on a twisted tale and something magical happens. The movie Galaxy Quest is one example and authors Robert Aspirin and Terry Pratchett are two of […]


In Honor of Dystopian Novels: What Would Be In My Bunker

| Nov 1 | 0 Comments

There have been some excellent dystopian novels published recently, with new ones and several sequels set to come out in 2011. In most dystopias or authoritarian societies, there are rules against owning certain items because of their potentially subversive qualities, such as books or cell phones. Here’s what I would have stashed in my bunker to preserve for future generations and prepare for the revolution: […]