Exclusive Interview: ‘The Time-Traveling Fashionista on Board The Titanic’ Author Bianca Turetsky

time traveling fashionista bianca turetsky

Are you in the mood for some time traveling? What about traveling back to the Titanic? That’s exactly what happens to Louise Lambert, the main character in Bianca Turetsky’s novel The Time-Traveling Fashionista on Board The Titanic. Turetsky recently took some time to answer a few questions from Book Equals about her book, including her inspiration, some of the challenges she faced, her writing process […]


Exclusive Interview: ‘The Sail Weaver’ Author Muffy Morrigan

sail weaver muffy morrigan

Muffy Morrigan, whom you may know from her wonderful reviews here at Book Equals, has released a brand new fantasy book called The Sail Weaver set in a futuristic world of space exploration, rediscovered magic and a new age of tall ships. Here is the official synopsis: Tristan is the most talented Weaver the Guild has produced. Since he was a child and started his […]


Exclusive Interview: ‘White Horse’ Author Alex Adams

white horse alex adams

Author Alex Adams’ first novel White Horse is definitely not what you would expect for its title. There is no white horse in it, instead we find our protagonist, thirty-year-old Zoe, living in a world where the most of the population has been wiped by a plague called “White Horse.” Now that I have your attention, let me continue by saying that the book is […]


Exclusive Interview: BabyLit’s Author Jennifer Adams

babylit books

Author Jennifer Adams and illustrator Alison Oliver have come up with whole new way for you to share your favorite classic novels with your babies, it’s called BabyLit. What BabyLit does is take classic novels such as Jane Eyre and Alice in Wonderland and transform them into board books. The novels are of course stripped down to the bare minimum using one or two words […]


Blog Tour: THEMINEFIELDS by Steven C. Eisner – Excerpt and Author Q&A

the mine field blog tour

Welcome to the Blog Tour for author Steven C. Eisner’s first novel, THEMINEFIELDS, which takes place in the world of advertising and is based on the author’s own experience in the industry. As part of the blog tour, Book Equals is bringing you an excerpt from chapter 1 of the book and a Q&A with the author himself. Make sure you visit BookTrib for links […]


Exclusive Interview of The Hunger Games’ District 4 Tribute Tara Macken

Tara Macken

Our sister site Film Equals scored an interview with none other than Tara Macken, the District 4 Tribute in the film adaptation of the best selling book The Hunger Games. In the interview, Tara delves into the casting process, how she prepared for the role and her exposure to the Hunger Games phenomenon. Here is an excerpt of what she said: How did the opportunity […]


Exclusive Interview: Neal Baer Talks About His Book ‘Kill Switch’

kill switch book

You might be familiar with Neal Baer’s work on television, he was an executive producer and writer on ER and Law & Order: SVU, and is the showrunner of CBS’ A Gifted Man (which is currently on my DVR – 2 more episodes to go!). And now it’s time to meet Neal Baer, the book author. Neal Baer co-authored thriller, Kill Switch with Jonathan Greene. […]


Exclusive Interview: Theodora Goss Author of ‘The Thorn and the Blossom’

Theodora Goss is the author of a special and original book The Thorn and the Blossom (read my review here), published by Quirk Books. Instead of a spine, the book is an accordion which opens at both ends with one side telling one character’s side of the story and the other telling the other character’s side. Daemon’s Books had the chance to ask Theodora Goss […]


Exclusive Interview: ASHES OF EARTH Author Eliot Pattison

eliot pattison ashes of the earth

Daemon’s Books recently got a chance to interview author Eliot Pattison about his latest book, ASHES OF EARTH. The novel takes place in thirty years after a global holocaust and follows the colony of Carthage, which still struggles to build its new world. You might also know some of Pattison’s earlier work such as the Inspector Shan series and Bone Rattler series. But whether you […]


Exclusive Interview: STARCROSSED Author Josephine Angelini

josephine angelini

Daemon’s Books recently got a chance to ask STARCROSSED author Josephine Angelini questions about her book and writing habits. Starcrossed is part of the Dark Days of Supernatural series and is also now available for you to own. I was attracted to Starcrossed when I heard Josephine Angelini talk about the book in a video we recently shared. As you will read in the interview […]