More Like Her By Liza Palmer [Review]

| May 10 | 0 Comments

more like her book

How often do we look at someone else and assume from their clothes, their job or their spouse that they must have it all? And how often do we wish that we could trade places with them, to live in their shoes for just one day? In Liza Palmer’s new book, More Like Her, the illusion of one such woman is shattered in the most […]


Blog Tour: A Perfect Storm by Lori Foster [Review]


I was given the chance to review the fourth and final novel of Lori Foster’s “Men Who Walk The Edge of Honor” series earlier this month, and was pretty surprised by how much I enjoyed A Perfect Storm. Following right where the third book left off, A Perfect Storm continues into the world of human trafficking and how our main characters, Spencer and Arizona, attempt […]


The Little Women Letters by Gabrielle Donnelly [Review]

I grew up with the Little Women story front and center on my book shelf, and grew to love the characters like they were my own family. Because of this history that I have with the March sisters, I was really excited for the chance to read and review Garielle Donnelly’s The Little Women Letters. The Little Women Letters plays out very similarly to the […]


The Company of the Dead by David Kowalski [Review]


What is there to say about David Kowalski’s The Company of the Dead? Let’s start with the premise of the (long) novel. What do you think would happen if the Titanic never hit the iceberg and consequently never sank? Time travel in pop culture tells us nothing good can ever come from trying to change the past (Hello, Back to the Future, anyone?) but that’s […]


Womanthology: Heroic [Review]


I don’t know where to begin with this review of Womanthology. I’ve been following this crazy project since it’s inception on Twitter and an just beyond ecstatic that Womanthology is finally released to the public. Let me give you a little bit of back story before delving into this review. Womanthology all began with a single Tweet, and through this act a group of female […]


How To Eat A Cupcake By Meg Donohue [Review]


I’m not going to lie; it was the title and the cover that inspired me to take on the task of reviewing How to Eat a Cupcake by Meg Donohue. You know that old adage “never judge a book by its cover”? Well, I did. And I’m so very glad I did. How to Eat a Cupcake isn’t a book that will solve your life […]


Blog Tour: Wide Open By Deborah Coates [Review]

Wide Open by Debora Coates

Wide Open By Deborah Coates was a book that I enjoyed quite a bit. I was given a copy to review, and truthfully, I didn’t really know what to expect going in! The story sounded intriguing enough – and readers of my reviews know that I can’t pass up a good ghost story! I was extremely pleased when I started Wide Open that the story […]


A Hole In The Ground Owned By A Liar by Daniel Pyne [Review]


Daniel Pyne is best known for his screenwriting skills. He’s currently writing for that small little show Alcatraz, and because of this is no stranger to mystery and suspense. I was ecstatic that I had a chance to read and review his novel A Hole In The Ground Owned By A Liar. Pyne did not disappoint. The intriguing title aside (which comes from a quote […]


A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness [Review]

I read a lot about the supernatural and mythology. When I say a lot what I mean is my bookshelves tend to look like something out of an occult shop. Generally I find supernatural fiction to be trite, contrived, and books that should never be written, but I’m pleased to say that Deborah Harkness’ debut novel A Discovery of Witches breaks all of these stereotypes. […]


The Thorn and the Blossom By Theodora Goss [Review]

the thorn and the blossom book

The Thorn and the Blossom is a book unlike anything that I have ever read before. In fact it was its unusual format that attracted me to it and thanks to the people at Quirk Books I got my hands on a copy. The Thorn and the Blossom tells the story of Evelyn Morgan, a young American studying at Oxford decides to take a short […]