Quality Paperbacks – A Follow Up

| Jul 19 | 0 Comments

Back in May, I wrote an article about a cheap book club I found online called Quality Paperbacks. It basically works like those old CD clubs where you get a bunch of books at once for very cheap and then have to buy some at regular price at a later time. Now that I have finished my membership, I thought I would tell you more […]


Dear Reader Online Book Club

| Jun 25 | 0 Comments

I recently reviewed The Tale of Halcyon Crane (which I really liked), a book I discovered via a free email book club. I joined the club several years ago and each day I receive an email with a short excerpt of the book being featured that week. It’s a great way to sample books and discover new authors—all while drinking your morning coffee. To sign […]


Twitter Book Club: Update

| Apr 8 | 0 Comments

So last week, I told you that Wired had the awesome idea of starting a book club via Twitter. When the first announced their idea, they began getting ideas for the book to review. Based on the votes they received, they have narrowed it down to 6 books, with a final vote to be held next week. I should also mention that in addition to […]