James Patterson’s ‘Nevermore’ (Maximum Ride #8) Cover Revealed

nevermore james patterson

The cover for the final book of James Patterson series Maximum Ride, Nevermore was revealed by USA Today last week and I have to say it look really beautiful, don’t you think? I haven’t read any of the books in the series, but this cover definitely has me curious to check out the first one, The Angel Experiment. Maximum Ride is James Patterson’s first venture […]


Matthew Fox Joins I, ALEX CROSS Adaptation

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Matthew Fox I Alex Cross

The Alex Cross film franchise reboot I, ALEX CROSS has found Matthew Fox. Deadline reports that the former ‘Lost’ hero has signed on to play assassin Michael Sullivan, AKA the Butcher of Sligo in the James Patterson adaptation. Sullivan takes it very personally when Cross (Tyler Perry) stops one of his killings, leading to Cross taking an equally personal interest in Sullivan. Ed Burns is […]


Read the First 21 Chapters of TOYS by James Patterson

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James Patterson’s latest book, Toys, is hitting bookstores today. In a departure from his usual books, Toys is a futuristic thriller set in the year 2061. Technologically enhanced humans known as “Elites” are at war with regular humans. If you want to sample the book, you can read the first 21 chapters of Toys by James Patterson here. Synopsis of Toys by James Patterson and […]


ANGEL: A MAXIMUM RIDE NOVEL By James Patterson [Review]

Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel

James Patterson is probably unarguably the bestselling writer in America. The man cranks out novels across enough genres to make the rest of us pale to think of the effort and just gape at the sheer volume of work. The thing is, some of it is good and some of it is… just so so. I think some of Patterson’s forays into Young Adult Literature […]


WITCH & WIZARD: THE GIFT By James Patterson and Ned Rust [Review]

Wizard & Witch: The Gift

Have you ever gotten the feeling when you were reading a book that the only reason the book was published was because the author was a “name”? You know the ones I mean. You bought it because John Doe is your favorite author and you just had to read his latest book in a favorite series, then you dive in and go “Um, what?” Welcome […]


James Patterson’s New Releases For 2011

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I don’t think any other author puts out as many books a year as James Patterson, so I thought I would check out his website and see what he has planned for 2011. As I suspected, the prolific author has another busy year ahead. I’ve compiled his publishing schedule below. January Tick Tock (Hardcover) – the fourth in the Michael Bennett series Available January 24, […]


New Book Releases: Week of December 14, 2010

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Compared to last week, this is a pretty slow week for books. Most of the major releases are Young Adult books like James Patterson’s The Gift (beware though, Amie did not like the first book in that series). Also out this week is The 4-Hour Body, which is currently the #5 bestselling book on Amazon (are people already planning their New Year’s resolutions?). Here are […]


Books Releasing This Week: November 15, 2010

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This week the new book releases include James Patterson’s latest in the Alex Cross series, a long anticipated book from Jay-Z, and a new book by Seabiscuit author Laura Hillenbrand. Plus President Barack Obama has written a children’s book about groundbreaking Americans, and he will donate all proceeds to a scholarship program for the children of fallen and injured soldiers. Check out some of the […]


James Patterson Gets an iPhone, iPad App

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Hachette Book Group recently announced the release of a James Patterson app for the iPhone and iPad. The free app, available now on iTunes, will contain the latest news about the bestselling author and his books, plus exclusive fan previews, online purchasing, author interviews, and other exclusive content. Right now users can read a free preview of the prologue of Cross Fire, which goes on […]


James Patterson Has Sold 1 Million Kindle eBooks

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Amazon announced yesterday that James Patterson has sold over 1 million Kindle ebooks (1,005,803 to be exact). He is only the second author to reach this mark, making him the second member of the “Kindle Million Club,” which recognizes authors whose books have sold over 1 million copies in the Kindle Store. This only includes paid Kindle sales, not free downloads. Stieg Larsson, author of […]