Apple Enforces App Store Rule – Kindle App Could Be in Trouble

| Feb 1 | 0 Comments

Kindle Apps

Recent reports that Apple is cracking down on apps that sell content is troubling customers who frequently use ereader apps (like the Kindle app) to read ebooks on their iPhones and iPads. Apple’s rejection of the Sony Reader iPhone app and the subsequent New York Times article, “Apple Moves to Tighten Control of App Store,” are getting a lot of buzz right now. The articles […]


Share Kindle Books with

Last month Amazon launched the ability for readers to share eBooks on Kindle and now, according to eBookNewser there’s a new community site for Kindle readers looking to share eBooks The new site, called, lets readers share their eBooks and search for titles that other readers have shared, as well as send out reading requests to other readers. The site allows book borrowers and […]


Will iBooks Catalog Ever Catch up to Kindle Store?

Apple iBookstore

If you’ve been wondering just how long it would be before iBooks’ selection matches that of the Kindle store, it looks like you might be waiting a while. According to eBookNewser, Amazon spends all of the time and effort that they spend to format eBooks for the Kindle Store. The question was posted on Quora (a new social networking site for questions), and Guido Bartolucci, […]


Microsom Publishing Trades Print Books for Kindles

Kindle vs books

I gotta say, this piece of news made me sit up and take notice this morning. According to GalleyCat, there is someone out there will to take your Kindle in trade for print books. The place is Microcosm Publishing’s book and zine store in Portland, OR. Bring in a Kindle and they will trade it for a stack of print books. The same deal goes […]


Amazon is Selling More Kindle eBooks Than Paperbacks

| Jan 28 | 2 Comments

In yet another sign that technology is rapidly changing things in the book world, Amazon announced yesterday that sales of Kindle ebooks are now outpacing paperback sales. Amazon hadn’t expected this to happen until the second quarter of 2011, so they reached this milestone even sooner than expected. Amazon previously announced that Kindle books were outselling hardcovers, so that means the ebook is the most […]


Amazon Now Selling Kindle Singles

Kindle Single

According to Engadget, Amazon is now selling Kindle Singles. Before the invention of digital readers, writers often had to choose between making their work short enough for a magazine article or long enough for book marketing and distribution. But not anymore, Amazon put the word out to serious writers, thinkers, scientists, business leaders, historians, politicians and publishers to join Kindle in making a new kind […]


New Site Supports Ebook Lending for Kindle and Nook

Kindle Nook

There’s a new website that that’s making a splash in the online ebook marketplace, according to The Digital Reader. The new site is called and the reason for all the excitement surrounding it is that it does exactly what it sounds like it does – allows users to lend ebooks to and from others free of charge. Here’s how it works. A user can […]


Amazon Kindle Sales Could Reach 12 Million in 2011


Barclays analyst Doug Anmuth estimates that Amazon sold about 7.1 Kindle e-readers last year and could sell as many as 12.3 million this year, according to He was also quick to point out that those numbers may still be conservative and Kindle sales (including devices and content) are reportedly expected to reach $3.3 billion in 2011. That comprises almost 8% of Amazon’s total revenue […]


Use KindleTwit to read Twitter on your Kindle

Kindle 3

Ever been without your phone and wanted to check your Twitter feed? Well if you have a Kindle, you’re now in luck. According to eBookNewser, there’s a new program called KindleTwit that will let you access Twitter from your Kindle reader. Lifehacker describes the simple interface: “You can post through a simple text input box, read your Twitter stream, and check out your replies. You’ll […]


Kindle App Now in Mac App Store

kindle app

The Kindle e-book reader app from Amazon is now available in the Mac App Store for the first time. The availability of the app at the Mac App Store is the second piece of significant news from Amazon this week regarding the Kindle. The version of the Kindle e-book reader now available at the Mac App Store is the same version that to date has […]