UNEXPECTEDLY, MILO by Matthew Dicks [Review]

| Nov 10 | 0 Comments

Have you ever had a nagging impulse that just won’t go away? Like making sure the front door is locked? Perhaps you can’t touch a piece of bubble wrap without popping it? Maybe you’ve had the sudden desire to sing the German version of “99 Luftballons” at a karaoke bar? Ok, probably not that last one, but most of us get the occasional urge that’s […]


SOMETHING MISSING by Matthew Dicks [Review]

| Sep 29 | 0 Comments

  If you’ve ever watched the TV show Monk (with Tony Shaloub), I want you to imagine Mr. Monk using his powers of observation for evil. Hilarious, right? That’s the basic premise for Something Missing, a book about a criminal suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder. Well, “evil” and “criminal” might be a little harsh. Martin really isn’t a bad person, he just makes his living robbing […]